Conversational reporting

The design brief in this case was to create a simple user experience where a business user, such as a manager in a busy warehouse, could type any natural-language query into a box and get answers back. They wanted the user to have the ability to do simple customization of their result, easily share their results with others, and save them for later.

I envisioned a simple, one-screen experience with which the user could get answers to their questions without being slowed down by navigating or clicking. When the user types in the box, the answer to their question appears below, and they can fine-tune their answer by just writing in the box.

The password is 'tara'.

Mini API Gateway

This was a product that would let developers control access to their APIs quickly and lightly. I worked on interaction design and user research for the developer-targeted marketing site to ensure that we were explaining the value & functionality and making it easy to get started. This product shipped but was ultimately discontinued.

Other products

These are not the only new products I’ve worked on but they are the only ones I’m allowed to talk about right now.